Physical Benefits


Increases Blood Flow


Clears Lactic Acid


Breaks up Scar Tissue


Releases Knots

Increases range of motion


Speeds up Recovery

Included in the Kit

  • Massage Gun™
  • 3 attachments 
    • 2 Lithium-Ion Batteries
    • 120v or 240v Charger
    • EVA Molded Carry Case


The Massage Gun is the ideal tool to aid in the recovery of athletes, therapists and anyone else who suffer from injuries or muscle aches. With its 6 speeds, you can choose lower frequencies for warm-up, very sore or injured muscles, increasing your tolerance as you move to higher speeds for larger muscle groups. It's time to take your future and your health into your own hands. There are many tools available for athletes, therapists, and fitness enthusiasts. Nothing compares to the feeling of vibration and percussion therapy. Getting in shape and staying that way is a daunting task for most people. It often starts with good recovery from workouts. Invest in your body!


Our symmetrical design and variable speeds increase usability and overall effectiveness compared to competitors.

Variable Speed Adjustment

6 Speeds ranging from 900 to 2700 Strokes per Minute

Lock ON button

Lock the trigger to turn the machine on/off without holding it down.

EVA Molded Carry Case

Small and compact, the Massage Gun and its accessories fit neatly into a molded carry case

45 Percussions per Second

Fastest and Strongest percussion on the market.

Two Rechargeable Li-Ion Batteries

Two high quality (2000 ah) 12v Lithium-Ion batteries, rated for 50 minutes total.

Three Arm Positions

The Massage Gun's arm can be placed at 90°, 135° and 180°, meant to ease access to all parts of your body.


With up to 80 pounds of pressure behind each percussion, our variable speeds, ranging from 1 to 6 are calculated in Strokes per Minute (SPM).

Build: Professional Grade Nylon

Continuous Use Time: 90 minutes

Full Charge: 90 minutes

Stroke Length: 16mm

Frequency: 60 Hz

Battery: 12V / 2.0 Ah

Charger: A/C Power

Plug Type: 120v or 240v


30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Upon purchasing the Massage Gun, you are covered with a 30 day money back guarantee as well as a 1 year warranty.

Sara B.  

Great tool and customer service

Great tool for sore muscles or knots. Different speed settings are very useful. Customer service is great, they respond within 24 hours and we're able to answer all my questions.

Tony F.  

Outstanding Product!

It’s a DAILY staple in my routine to feel good and limber, whether I’m working out or not. Thanks for bringing this technology accessible and affordable to all in competition with other types of guns on the market. Massage Gun is by far the best value, especially at this price point.

Shannon V.  

Iron Fist Fitness

Awesome device and even better price! My clients at my gym love this!!

Todd B.  

Wow! Amazing and powerful!

Wow! Amazing and powerful!

Sashli S.  


Not only is the price the best in the industry but also the multiple settings are absolutely the best

Dave M.  


Love it best thing I’ve ever used.

Lamont H.  

Awesome Recovery

This was a substantial purchase and well needed for my recovery in between workouts. This device hurts soo good but the small form factor and multiple power settings makes this worth the buy!

Louis B.  

Massage Guns

Packaged nicely. I like the carrying case. The two batteries are good to have as I've used both already. I've felt much better after having it's used to on. It's only half the price of the Theragun and not as loud. I'm glad I bought it...

Braedon R.  

A Regional Crossfit Athlete’s dream!

As someone who gets tight in the shoulders, this tool is a must! Within the first minutes of having the Massage Guns massage gun, my shoulders are already showing signs of improvement and I still have yet to use it on other body parts.

Mitchell M.  

Massage Gun

So far out of the box it looks good! Lots of Power and great assortment of heads for the tough to get areas. 2 batteries is great to have especially if I’m using it on clients all day. I will give a more in depth YouTube review once I’ve tested it out for a month or so.

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