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Made for professional and personal use, the Massage Gun is a sure investment towards your body.

Massage Gun V2

Our most Advanced Technology provides a quiet therapy tool trusted by professional athletes and therapists.

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Massage Gun Mini

Our most Affordable Technology provides a high-quality vibration and percussion therapy tool more compact than ever.

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The Science

The Gate Control Theory of Pain asserts that non-painful inputs, such as the vibration and percussion of the Massage Gun, close the nerve “gates” to painful input, preventing pain sensation from traveling to the central nervous system.

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Speeds Up Recovery
Increases Blood Flow
Clears Lactic Acid
Breaks Up Scar Tissue
Release Knots
Increases Range of Motion
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30 Day Money Back

The Massage Gun will help you relax and recover, if it doesn't we will provide a fast and easy return.

1 Year Warranty

Made to the highest standards, each unit includes a 1 Year Warranty.

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When we first connected with Massage Guns and used the products, we knew this was needed at every one of our competitions. For our athletes' pre-competition warm-ups and after competition recovery, this partnership is priceless for our athletes and organization.

World Calisthenics Organization

As a UFC professional athlete I put my body through some of the most intense training there is. I stay hurting and I don’t always have time to go and get a professional massage, but luckily my Massage Guns has made recovery so much easier for me. It travels with me everywhere I go. With 10-15 minutes of work from the massage gun, my knots are gone. It’s freaking amazing!

Andrea Lee, UFC Flyweight

The Massage Gun is by far one of the best recovery tools I own. Playing a lot of games throughout the year can be really tough on my body but the Massage Gun makes me feel so much better.

Katie Bowen, New Zealand Olympic Team

I'm always traveling and stuck on long flights. Add in long hours working on sets while also maintaining a consistent gym schedule. The Massage Gun is my saving grace. It helps me relax and recover no matter where I am in the world.

Ryan Kelley, Actor

The Massage Gun is my favorite tool to warm up tight muscles and break down scar tissue, before, during and after games and practices.

Paul Jordaan, Professional Rugby Player
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The Massage Gun is the expertly-designed massage tool that delivers real results allowing your body to relax, release and recover faster than ever.